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Elaf Al Mashaer Hotel Makkah

The company has the right to use in a five star hotel under the name of Elaf Al-Mashaer Hotel Makkah, located in the area of Ajyad 400 meters from the Haram al-Makki with a total area of 6,871.19 m 2.  The hotel consists of:

2  Floors (parking and services)

Ground Floor (Reception & rest area)

Three Floors Mezzanine (Offices for Management, two restaurants, kitchens and praying area)

Sixteen Hotel Floors (304 Hotel rooms and suites)

Elevators (Eight for visitors and services)

It is characterized by a classic Arab character with international designs in its furniture and decorations that combine authenticity and luxury to provide the highest levels of comfort for visitors to the House of Allah.