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Spot Mall

Masaa'a Real Estate Egypt has established the commercial mall and the building (The Spot Mall) in the fifth assembly area in New Cairo against the American University on an area of ​​13,686 m2. - Total built-up area (30,750 m2). - Total rental space (11,316 m2). The Spot Property Investment Company was established on 18/11/2014 for the management and operation of both the commercial mall and the building which consists of:

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  1. A basement: It is a car park, a supermarket, stores and service rooms.
  2. Ground floor: Commercial units (restaurants, bank, pharmacy, furniture stores, children's play area).
  3. First floor: Commercial units (restaurants, women's salon, telecommunications company, bank).
  4. Second floor: Administrative units with a number of (real estate companies, administrative offices, dental clinic).
  5.  Surface: Service rooms and advertising screen.
  6. Green spaces in the external area.